AlUla by Assouline

With its luxurious, handcrafted pages, "AlUla" the exclusive new title by Assouline unfolds a timeless journey through the ancient mysteries and breathtaking natural wonders of AlUla.

Robert Polidori

Robert Polidori Story with AlUla

Robert Polidori is one of the world’s most acclaimed photographers of human habitats and environments. Creating meticulously detailed, large-format, color-film photographs, Polidori’s images record a visual citation of both past history and the present times within the confines of suspended time photography.

Robert Polidori

Ignasi Monreal Illustration of AlUla

Ignasi Monreal is a multidisciplinary artist born in Barcelona and currently based in London. He works in various media including painting, design, creative direction and film. Most recently, he concepted Gucci’s campaign and created, with Assouline, a book on Four Seasons hotels and resorts.


On his experience photographing AlUla, Polidori says, “The natural situation of AlUla is just amazing and unparalleled, and I was taken by that. I look to try to render what I call an emblematic image, showing its whole and usually showing its entirety through its details and vice versa. I tried to give a timeless image.”

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AlUla by Assouline

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