AlJadidah Arts District

AlJadidah Arts District

Part of AlUla Old Town Village

The AlJadidah Arts District is AlUla’s buzzy and burgeoning cultural hub. Beautiful murals add to the colour and creativity of this easily strollable area, which also features the world’s largest hand-painted carpet. As well as hosting regular art exhibitions by local and international artists, arty AlJadidah is home to variety of shops, restaurants and galleries.

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AlJadidah Arts District at dusk

Walk the Incense Road

The Incense Road section of AlJadidah is being transformed into an all-new leisure and retail experience, helping to connect AlJadidah with AlUla Old Town. Preserving the area’s urban heritage, visitors will find curated street art and public murals, along with new cafes and retail stores.

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What To Do in AlJadidah Arts District

Explore AlUla through a different lens in the AlJadidah Arts District. Whether it’s art galleries and workshops or retail pop-ups and food trucks, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

AlJadidah Arts District Nights


Gathering Square

Madrasat Addeera Workshops

Find out more about the traditional arts and crafts of AlUla through Madrasat Addeera. Free weekly workshops are offered by The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts on a wide variety of topics; all ages and skill levels are welcome.

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Art Square

AlUla Music Hub

Discover traditional music that has passed through AlUla. With bi-weekly performances as well as group and individual music classes on a variety of instruments, the Music Hub has much to offer for residents and visitors alike.

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Art Square

Design Gallery

The AlUla Design Gallery has a mix of local and international art to explore. The inaugural exhibition Artist Showcase featured works exploring themes of human nature, ecology, the inner self, country and representation.

Art Square

ATHR Gallery

ATHR Gallery AlUla is located in a dedicated exhibition space inside the AlUla Design Gallery and has played a pivotal role in building both the contemporary art scene in Saudi as well as the local art scene in AlUla.


Gathering Square

Base & Boon

Redefining the nail salon experience, Base & Boon blends luxury with escapism to provide exceptional services to their clientele.

Now Open

Incense Road

AlUla on Wheels

Inspired by feel-good nostalgia, Good Intentions presents AlUla on Wheels, with music curated by Swizz Beatz. Skate, dance, and explore this old-school, open-air roller rink in the heart of AlJadidah.

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Temporarily Closed

Cinema AlJadidah

Showcasing art-house films, blockbusters and Arabic movies, Cinema AlJadidah is AlUla’s premier outdoor theatre. With a café offering the perfect movie night snacks and drinks, gather your friends and see what movie is up next.

The experience is currently unavailable but will return in October 2023. Be the first to know when this experience returns – follow @alulamoments and @experiencealula on all social channels.

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AlUla Gift Shop

4:00 pm - 10:00 pm


4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Dar Mada

4:00 pm - 10:00 pm







Cafes & Restaurants

Oasis Quarter Abu Jameela Café

Tucked into a secret garden, Abu Jameela Cafe is a cute little hideaway. Served with famed AlUla hospitality, have a taste of local coffee from this family-owned spot.

Al Hatab Bakery

Come in and enjoy all that Al Hatab Bakery has to offer, from their fresh baked bread, speciality grocery items, and signature authentic Saudi Arabian sweets.

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Incense Road Coyard

Not your average roastery, Coyard brings the community together, one cup at a time. Enjoy your favourite roast or explore other flavours, like a matcha bloom latte.

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Oasis Quarter Meraki Artisan

Sink into plush lounge seating with some of the best views over the Oasis at MERAKI ARTISAN, a sustainable roastery and café.

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Oasis Quarter Oasis Tea Café

Walk down into the lush green farms to the Oasis Tea Café for a truly local experience, where mint is picked fresh from the garden for each cup.

Incense Road Ppl.

From the kitchen of OKTO comes Ppl. a fresh new salad bar and healthy dining spot. Crisp and crunchy, you’ll never think of salads the same way again.

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Main Road Starbucks

From Seattle to AlUla, Starbucks has found a new home in AlJadidah. Snap the pic with the antique red truck and check out the spacious courtyard in the back.

*Open Monday - Saturday 4:30pm - 1:30am and Sunday 8:30am - 11:30pm.

Temporarily Closed WOOP!

Bringing sweet and savoury waffles to Muayada Square, don’t miss out on WOOP! Fresh juices and smoothies round out the delightful menu at this AlJadidah hotspot.

This dining option is currently unavailable but will return back to AlUla soon. Follow @AlUlaMoments on Social to be the first one to know when this dining option is back.

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Shawarma Wrappers



Shahi Mntaz

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AlJadidah Arts District

UNWTO Best Tourism Award Recipient

AlUla Old Town Village

A crossroads of civilisations and oasis city on incense-trading routes, people have inhabited AlUla for thousands of years. Today AlUla Old Town Village encompasses its fascinating mudbrick Old Town, the lush Oasis and vibrant AlJadidah Arts District.

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