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    Planning Tips

    If you’re coming to Winter at Tantora, we’ve compiled a wealth of information to make travel-planning easy and your stay as pleasant as possible.

    Getting Here

    AlUla is easily accessible by road and air from a variety of locations. By car, the trip is 3 hours from Medina, and 4 hours from Tabuk and Hail. Commercial flights are just 1.5 hours from Riyadh and Jeddah.

    Local Weather

    Winter is the perfect time of year to visit AlUla, with temperatures ranging from 15-25°C with very little rainfall. While the days are warm, there are cooler temperatures in the evenings and breezes on higher ground, so be sure to pack for colder weather to be comfortable.

    What to Pack

    Local customs call for both men and women to dress modestly (with knees and elbows covered). Flat comfortable shoes are recommended when visiting various sites and experiences, since walking over varied terrain is often involved. For electronics, AlUla uses the same plugs as in the United Kingdom.

    Getting a Visa

    Those who purchase a festival ticket and require a visa will receive one at small additional cost. You will be guided through the visa process upon booking — and you are able to apply yourself or an agent can handle all of the details for you. Visas are issued electronically within 24 hours and are valid for 30 days.

    Where to Stay

    Ashar Resort

    Stay in one- or two-bed tents or one of our three-bed villas, each beautifully appointed and private. Ashar Resort allows you to enjoy the majesty of AlUla’s landscape on your doorstep while enjoying five-star comfort.
    Each room comes with an on-site butler, access to the spa and you will be assigned a personal concierge before you travel to assist with any requirements or needs.

    Shaden Resort

    Take your pick of varying mid-grade rooms, from double rooms to suites, all ensuite. Enjoy a swimming pool, gym, spa and restaurant all on-site.

    Sahari Desert Camp

    ​These value-priced double rooms, all ensuite, are great for travelers on a budget. A restaurant on-site is also available

    Book a Festival Package

    Get Your Tickets Now

    The allure of Winter at Tantora is that it is not just a festival, but an experience that is unique to everyone. With this in mind, you are able to personalize your own experience through our Festival Operations Team, who will help create the perfect package for you.

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