Jabal AlFil (Elephant Rock)

Jabal AlFil (Elephant Rock)

Elephant Rock

Set among dramatic desert landscape and soaring 52 metres into the sky, Elephant Rock is AlUla’s most iconic geological marvel. The instantly recognisable form, with its distinctive trunk and body, was shaped wind and water erosion over the course of millions of years.

This monolithic sandstone formation is a wonder to gaze upon at any time of the day, but dusk is particularly magical. As the sun sets, colours dance in the sky and this epic elephant turns a magnificent shade of red. When night falls, the skies come alive with the twinkling of thousands of stars.

Enjoy the spectacle from sunken seating dotted around the site, or gather around a roaring fire pit to warm up on cooler desert nights. You'll also find a cafe and a restaurant open for most of the year, offering a wide range of food and refreshment into the night.

Key Information
  • No tickets are necessary; Elephant Rock is free and open to all to enjoy.
  • Children are welcome.
  • We recommend you wear protective clothing and sun protection if visiting during the daytime. If visiting at night, we recommend bringing a jacket or warm clothing as the desert can be much cooler at night outside of the city.
Each day visitors can travel to Jabal AlFil and explore the wonder of the natural structure and the landscape that surrounds it. As light shifts across the desert sand throughout the day, Jabal AlFil transforms from a rosy canvas to a soft glow.

This area is open for visitors to hike the trails and camp beneath the night sky.
Elephant Rock Hours of Operation
Visitors can take stunning photos, explore the area and create lasting memories all day. 

Location: Elephant Rock; parking is complimentary
Elephant Rock Cafe by Key hours of operation

Elephant Rock is open for visitors from 4pm to midnight everyday.
*Elephant Rock Cafe by Key is available whenever Elephant Rock is open.
SALT Restaurant Hours of Operation
Salt is closed until September 2023.

Elephant Rock Experience

Take a seat in our comfortable and stylish sunken seating at Elephant Rock! Sit back and enjoy the view of our most famous geological formation, Elephant Rock, as it looms large over you.

Visitors can take stunning photos, explore the area and create lasting memories all day. 

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Temporarily Closed Elephant Rock Cafe by Key

The AlUla outpost of Saudi’s popular Key Café chain offers their usual impressive range of top-quality coffees, ice cream and desserts, with the added bonus of spectacular views of iconic Elephant Rock and swings to sit on while you enjoy them.

The experience is currently unavailable but will return soon. Follow @AlUlaMoments on Social to be the first one to know when this experience is back.

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The juicy burgers and tasty softies you know and love are coming to AlUla! SALT is taking its food truck inspired menu off-roading and parking its latest branch in front of AlUla’s iconic Elephant Rock.

Salt is closed until September 2023.

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