Arabian Leopard

Arabian Leopard

by Assouline

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Andrew Spalton charts the Arabian Leopard’s epic journey from Africa to Arabia over the course of half a million years, highlighting its history and its current critically endangered status. Co-author of The Arabian Leopards of Oman (2014) and holding over thirty years of experience in wildlife conservation, Spalton is highly dedicated to the protection of this rare creature.


The Arabian Leopard faces serious extinction without immediate conservation action. In a significant effort to turn the tide, the RCU has undertaken several initiatives to recover the critically endangered species - which include: housing 16 Arabian Leopards in a captive breeding program and designating six nature reserves within AlUla, hosting a Catmosphere Catwalk event to raise local and global awareness, and engaging in a long term partnership with Panthera to ensure that the leopards persist in the wild by 2030. Find out more about the RCUs conservation efforts below and how you can participate.

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Andrew Spalton, Wildlife Conservationist

“To keep its place in the mountains, the leopard needs to find a place in people’s hearts and minds.” -

Arabian Leopard by Assouline

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