Heritage Oasis Trail

The picture-perfect, lush AlUla Oasis captures the beauty and the heritage of AlUla. Take a stroll under towering date palms and smell the cool freshness of the earth on the Heritage Oasis Trail. Meander through remnants of mudbrick houses, local farms and ancient city walls. Sit with locals, sip on Arabic coffee or fresh orange juice and take your time to enjoy the slow pace of what makes the AlUla Oasis so special.

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Heritage Oasis Trail
Stretching almost 3 kilometres from the Heart of the Oasis to AlJadidah, this beautiful, designated trail is free and open to visitors day and night.

With multiple entry and exit points, enjoy a long, leisurely stroll or a short walk along the Heritage Oasis Trail. Find the perfect Instagram shot, framing tall palms in a historic archway of a mudbrick house or the lush green of the farms. Stop at a stall selling freshly squeezed juice, hang out on palm swings and enjoy the beautiful seating.

*Enjoy your tour with a Rawi or please ask for the audio devices available in both Arabic and English.
Heritage Oasis Trail
The Heritage Oasis Trail has multiple access points open to the public:
  • Parking Area – With complimentary parking, this point is the closest access to the Heart of the Oasis, which is the starting point for the Heritage Oasis Trail Guided Tour.
  • Orange Path – Follow the Orange Path from AlUla Old Town to start your journey along the Heritage Oasis Trail.
  • AlKreem Trail – Just behind the restaurant Somewhere, find a path that leads to the trail, with remnants of the old mudbrick walls and lush farms still in use. Smell the fragrant mint, coriander and jasmine as you walk.
  • AlMehar Trail – Linking to the Oasis Square in AlJadidah, this path easily leads to the tall palm swings and plush seating areas or allows you to explore the length of the trail.
  • AlShagari Trail – At the north end of AlJadidah, find the palm swings and seating in front of you, or explore further north to find ancient houses and meandering mudbrick walls.

Take a Guided Tour along the Heritage Oasis Trail

Want to go more in-depth in your experience? Let a local Rawi lead you along the trail to explore the deep history of the oasis, water resources, and beautiful local farm stories. Near the end of the tour, relax in the shaded palm tree swings.

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Tour Details

Ramadan Tour Schedule
22 March - 20 April 2023

Tours are available daily at:
  • 4:30 pm
Eid AlFitr Tour Schedule
21st April - 30 April 2023

Tours are available daily at:
  • 8:00 am and 5:00 pm
Eid AlAdha Tour Schedule
23 June - 2 July 2023

Tours are available daily at:
  • 8:00 am and 5:00 pm
Guided Tour Information
  • Hours of Operation:
           Sunday - Wednesday: 9:00 am & 3:00 pm
            Thursday - Saturday: 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 2:00 pm & 3:00 pm
  • Duration: 2-hour tour
  • Meeting location: Heart of the Oasis
  • Parking: Complimentary at the Parking Area
  • Price: 35 SAR
  • Minimum age: 8 years old, with parent supervision

Guests should wear comfortable outdoor clothing with closed-toe walking shoes or boots. Guests will arrive at the Heart of the Oasis for the start of the tour. Guests will take a shuttle bus from AlJadidah back to the Parking Area at the end of the tour.
Summer Tour Schedule
(1 May - 22 June) & (3 July - 30 Sept 2023)

Tours are available daily at:
  • 8:00 am and 5:00 pm
Parking is available in a few locations around AlUla Old Town, AlJadidah North Parking and the AlUla Oasis. Shuttle buses leave every 5 to 10 minutes from each of the car parks.
Recommended Attire & What to Bring
All visitors on the trail should wear comfortable outdoor clothing with closed-toe walking shoes or boots. It is also recommended to bring water, sun protection hat and some form of sunscreen. If you are planning to walk the entire length of the trail, it is encouraged to bring a light snack and water as well.
Entrance Policy
  • Visitors wishing to do a self-guided tour or walk along the trail do not need register. Pre-registration is required for the Guided Tour.

*Guided Tours are suitable for children 8 and above, with parent supervision.
*Please note this space has difficult terrain for people with mobility issues and is not recommended for strollers or wheelchairs.

Family Workshop - Mudbrick

15 Jan – 15 Mar

Mudbrick Workshop

Connect to the calm of the AlUla Oasis by drawing on the stories of past generations and their way of life. Build mudbricks in this experience designed for the whole family to enjoy.

*Included in your Heritage Oasis Trail Tour

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Winter at Tantora: 22 Dec 2022 - 21 Jan 2023

The highly anticipated Winter at Tantora, the very first music and culture festival in the Kingdom, returns for its fourth edition. Featuring intimate concerts with world-renowned musicians and hosts multiple events across heritage, gastronomy and more, experience the best of AlUla.

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Festival Events

2 Dec - 31 Mar (Fri- Sat only) Eco-Gardening

Great strides are being made to restore the lush AlUla Oasis to the verdant valley it once was. Using new techniques alongside generations of knowledge, Eco-Gardening aims to raise awareness about sustainability in order to preserve AlUla’s natural resources.

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Hot Air Balloons in AlUla & Khaybar

Offering a bird’s-eye view of the otherworldly landscapes of AlUla and Khaybar, this hot air balloon experience is an absolute must when visiting the region. The diverse colours and vistas of the tethered and untethered flights will make for beautiful photographs and unforgettable memories.

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