AlUla Arts Festival

AlUla Arts Festival

16 Feb - 28 Feb

Living in Colour

Encompassing four exhibitions, nine workshops and three tours together with film screenings and a lively programme of performing arts, the AlUla Arts Festival returns for its spectacular second edition from 16 - 28 February. This unique multi-arts festival showcases AlUla's long-standing legacy of being a cultural crossroads, championing art in all its forms.
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Community & Public Art

Nov 2022 - Mar 2023 Madrasat Addeera Community Art

Bringing together visitors, community members and artisans, participants are invited to help create a number of public murals in AlJadidah as part of the AlUla Arts Festival. From stencilled designs inspired by traditional carpet designs to hand-drawn masterpieces, culture and heritage will be woven into every bit of these stunning collective artworks.

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Nov 2022 - Mar 2023 Commissioned Public Art

Capturing the essence of AlUla through iconic, contemporary and culturally significant artworks and temporarily exhibited public artworks have been specially commissioned for the AlUla Arts Festival. Reflecting the tranquillity of AlUla’s landscapes, unique urban heritage, and historic art of rock carving, each work shares its unique interpretation of AlUla.

15 Dec - 18 Mar The Resonant Shell Installation

Conceived as both sculpture and immersive architecture, The Resonant Shell is a transformative experience inspired by the landscapes of AlUla. Ascending up a spiral staircase, visitors can enter a space of soothing silence, where hidden speakers diffuse the soft acoustics of AlUla in this profoundly meditative experience.

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