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    A Timeless Festival in a Timeless Place

    19 Dec 2019 to 7 March 2020

    A Festival Like No Other

    Winter at Tantora offers a variety of diverse experiences to match every interest. The festival runs each weekend from 19 December 2019 until 7 March 2020. Festival goers will have the opportunity to participate in a range of unique events and experiences, from visiting spectacular historic sites to hearing world-class musical performances to soaring above the landscape in a hot air balloon or vintage aircraft.

    Reimagining Heritage

    AlUla’s rich history is on full display during Winter at Tantora, with many heritage sites specially opened for the festival. You won’t just visit monuments of the past, but rather living destinations that capture the region’s heritage today.

    The ancient cities of Hegra and Dadan will boast communities recreated based on the knowledge of how these peoples lived, refocusing attention from monumental structures to the wider story of why they existed.

    Cultural Oasis

    This desert oasis offers a cultural oasis as well, with a variety of performances and immersive experiences throughout the festival. Enjoy weekly concerts, a sculpture garden, multiple art exhibits and an open market featuring locally made arts and crafts.

    Bathe in a Lihyanite wash basin, recreated using the same techniques as the ancient basins found at Dadan. Enjoy pick-your-own farm experiences, luxury brand boutiques and pop-ups, and serene mountain surroundings that will help you attain a sense of calm you never thought possible.

    Adventure & Discovery

    An area as geographically epic as AlUla offers epic adventures, too. During Winter at Tantora, you can hike diverse nature trails, hike winding paths and tour an ancient volcano offering a contrasting surface of black and white lava flows. You can enjoy airship or vintage aircraft flights, or take a helicopter tour to the Red Sea to see areas of Saudi Arabia virtually untouched by humans.

    You can soar on a hot air balloon over sand-swept landscapes and watch one of the most-exciting Endurance horse races in the world. If you love to explore the outdoors, AlUla is the perfect playground.

    Secret Escapes

    One of the benefits of going on holiday is to escape the stresses of your everyday life, and Winter at Tantora is a great place to get away. You’ll easily forget what you left behind as you welcome the silence of a meditation garden, relax in a desert oasis or pamper yourself at a spa.

    Then you’ll create new — and delicious! — memories as you savor world-class cuisine at pop-up restaurants under the stars, enjoy local flavors at diverse food trucks or pick your own produce at local farms.

    Festival Map

    Your guide to Winter at Tantora experiences and events