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Journey Through Time
The World's Largest Living Museum

AlUla is a living, breathing, open-air museum, full of awe-inspiring heritage sites and natural wonders, as well as seemingly endless ways to explore. Travellers to AlUla have long been inspired by its beauty and sustained by its oasis. Uncover the incredible riches of this place and get inspired to plan your own journey by unlocking its history, heritage sites and natural wonders and immersing yourself in interactive 360 tours.

Tours That Captivate
Discover AlUla in 360

Virtually visit the iconic, famous and awe-inspiring heritage sites of AlUla on immersive and interactive 360 tours. Explore the wonders of Hegra, Dadan, Old Town AlUla and more.

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The Secrets of a Magical Place
Explore AlUla’s Wonders of Time

Take a journey to both the ancient and recent past. Uncover preserved tombs, sandstone outcrops, historic dwellings and monuments, both natural and man-made, that hold 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history.

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The World’s Largest Living Museum
A Deeper Look at AlUla’s Heritage Sites

AlUla has been built from successive civilisations and peoples and today is an open, living museum. When you visit the sites that make up this museum,
listen closely for the stories they tell.

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A Desert Oasis Beckons
Natural Wonders and Outdoor Excursions

There’s a sense of openness, vastness and quiet that invites visitors to wander in AlUla – among dramatic rock formations, sand-swept dunes, lush valleys and ancient basalt lava flows.

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The Heart of the Region
AlUla Oasis: An Agricultural Haven

This lush sanctuary in the windswept Saudi Arabian desert has provided life to AlUla’s residents, weary travellers, flora and fauna for thousands of years. Today, it’s an agricultural epicentre waiting to be explored.

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A Land that Inspires
AlUla’s Arts & Culture Scene

From contemporary artists creating pieces made for the stunning desert backdrop to local artisans continuing the tradition of ancient handicrafts, the spirit of creativity and ingenuity can be discovered in every corner of AlUla.

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