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Stargazing in AlUla:
The Darkest of Skies


Travel back thousands of years in history to explore AlUla, revered for its archaeological wonders set in a pristine desert terrain. Day tours immerse visitors in the magnificent desert landscape, but when night descends, the real magic happens. Experience the enchantment of a desert stargazing tour led by local experts.

Far from city lights, vast open spaces in remote desert lands create some of the world’s most enviable dark skies, making AlUla an idyllic locale for star watching.

An Ideal Stargazing Environment

Ever wondered why a dark sky is so coveted? You only need to understand how light pollution from cities dims the capacity to see stars and constellations. As the sun sets here, its beautiful hues of orange, pink and gold are the prelude to a magical excursion once the sky drops its curtain.

We all live under the same sky, but its clarity and unfathomable beauty are a spectacular sight to behold in the ancient desert realm of AlUla.

Tilting your eyes skyward and witnessing a dark horizon lit up by an infinity of twinkling stars is a deeply moving experience.

Stargazing Tours

Venture on a must-see tour of the serene desert floor illuminated by a starlit sky above. The premier place for observing celestial wonders can be discovered at AlGharameel. A rugged landscape surrounded by otherworldly rock formations, AlGharameel creates a hauntingly beautiful stage for the ultimate star watch.

Marvel at constellations aglow such as Orion and the Big Dipper. Stand in childlike awe as you catch sight of the Milky Way. From stars, planets and entire solar systems, the enormity of the universe is illuminated right before your eyes.

Stargazing tours continue to gain popularity in this mystical corner of the world. AlUla’s Ashar Desert Resort even offers the opportunity for its guests to check out telescopes for up-close views of planets and stars.

Visitor Information

Stargazing tours will commence for visitors in October 2020.

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