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Everywhere you look in AlUla, wondrous inspiration can be found — in its organic, red-rock shapes, it’s flourishing green palms and the startling contrast of bright blue sky against desert landscapes. From contemporary artists projecting light against the rocks to locals studying traditional handicrafts, the spirit of the arts lives in this valley.

Several programs are underway to bring the distinct arts and culture of the ancient Nabataeans and other historic residents of AlUla to visitors, including ceramics, leather, textiles, stone-carving and more. At The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts, artists are learning heritage design principles and geometries, while at the same time evolving techniques to their own artistic sensibilities.

In addition to the traditional arts, contemporary artists are finding creative ways to express themselves amid AlUla’s extraordinary landscape. The near future promises extraordinary exhibitions and installations, artwalks, artists’ residencies and galleries, and other events that celebrate AlUla’s distinct artistic heritage.

Immersive Exhibits
Art in AlUla, the Confluence of Humanity, Nature & Art

See how AlUla is leading the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s mission to become a globally recognised centre for arts and culture, and a hub for cultural tourism and the exchange of ideas.

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Traditional Arts Initiative
Finding Inspiration in AlUla’s Nature & Traditions

The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts provides aspiring makers with instructions, tools and appreciation for AlUla’s rich culture and nature through four distinct workshops.

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Desert X Alula
An Unforgettable Experience in the Desert

In 2020, Desert X brought together local, Saudi and international audiences to create larger-than-life installations that shed new light on the ancient rock formations that surrounded them.

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